ACA Press Release on Prospects for the Restoration of the Ashby Canal

Ashby Canal Association

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Leicestershire County Council has offered Ashby Canal Association (ACA) all its canal land from Snarestone Wharf to Measham.  It would also be prepared to donate the canal money left over from the donation by UK Coal.  Finally it would be prepared to share the powers it had obtained through the Transport and Works Act which includes access to land and permission to restore the canal. 

Why has the council done this?  The council has been seriously hit by the cuts resulting from austerity and has had to give up its lead role in the restoration of the Ashby Canal to Measham.  The council cannot afford to employ officers to lead the restoration campaign any longer, having been the champions of the restoration for 25 years.  ACA, a charity set up for this purpose, is more than willing to take over.  ACA has already pumped £160,000 into the canal restoration and has a campaign chest with over £100,000 to allow it to make a start on the ground.

For the deal to go through the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs must be satisfied and the department wishes that the public have their say. 

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