An appeal (31 March 2020) to ACA members to notify us of their email addresses, and to update GDPR forms

In view of the ongoing lockdown of most economic activity, the ACA is looking at the possibility of issuing the next edition of Spout (in June) as an email attachment, rather than as a printed booklet. We are also considering issuing the June Spout as a .pdf attachment on this website.

To this end, there is a small number of members who have not supplied us with their email address, and a larger number of members who have not filled out a GDPR form. Without your consent, or e-contact details,  we will unfortunately be unable to send you any such correspondence.

If you do indeed have an email address, but have not notified us, can you please let us know shortly by contacting one of the following:

or by text to: 07866 201873

Likewise, you can download a GDPR form by clicking on the red membership button to the right of this page, and you should then send it to one of the two email addresses above.

Many thanks for your cooperation in these turbulent times.

Clive Walker/ACA Database