The laying of Tom Henshaw’s Ashes on Saturday 13th May 2017

The late Tom Henshaw made It known that he wished his ashes to be scattered beneath the tree at Snarestone Wharf where his wife’s ashes were scattered. He was the principal founder of the Narrow Boat Trust, and a president of the ACA.

Members of his family assembled south of Snarestone Tunnel at midday where they boarded the working boats Nuneaton and Brighton. A piper, playing Scottish laments, led the boats through the tunnel and on towards Snarestone Wharf, where the family disembarked. They mingled with a large party of well-wishers, reminisced and enjoyed a barbecue. Andrew Denny, the editor of Waterways World, was also present.

Sarah Henshaw, his daughter, accompanied by Tom’s great grandchildren, scattered his ashes beneath the tree, where her mother also lay.

Afterwards there was a short presentation of two cheques from Tom Henshaw’s estate – £2000 to the Narrowboat Trust and £5000 to the Ashby Canal Association.