Evening walk from Snarestone with IWA Lichfield branch on Wednesday 18th July 2018

10 walkers enjoyed a four and a half mile circular walk from Snarestone to Shackerstone. Assembling at The Globe Inn in Snarestone at 6:15 pm we set off along the Ivanhoe Way, following it southwards to join up with Derby Lane at Beanfield Farm.  After a wet Spring and a dry and hot Summer, many of the stiles were overgrown and barely visible, but our intrepid band of walkers got through nonetheless. We also had to contend with a gate that barred the way to the public footpath. Mindful that we had pre-ordered our meals, we took a short cut on Derby Lane to turn right and pick up the towpath at Hill’s Bridge. from where we returned northwards to our starting point and a good meal at the pub. Many of the IWA members expressed their appreciation at the tranquility and beauty of this stretch of the Ashby Canal.