Report on Quiz Night on Saturday 17th November 2018

Just under 80 people attended this year’s quiz night on Saturday 17th November 2018 at Stoke Golding Club.

After the customary start with “stand-up, sit-down” bingo, the main part of the proceedings got under way with a round of ten questions on “This England”. There were seven further rounds on “Science, Music, London Our Capital, General Knowledge, Sport, Geography and Pot Luck”. There was also a picture round of 20 celebrities. As in the past each team was allowed to play a joker to double their score; most people waited some time to do this, with several leaving it to the very last round.

The standard of questions was generally perceived to be harder this year. Here are some examples:

  • (This England): What body of water did the aviator Amy Johnson crash into?
  • (Science): What sort of natural formations are speleologists interested in?
  • (General Knowledge): Who was the first female presenter of Blue Peter?
  • (Sport): Which footballer, now retired, was known as “The Kaiser”?
  • (Pot Luck): How many limbs does a woodlouse have?

The lead changed hands several times throughout the tournament, but the eventual winners were “3 Bananas” with 77 points. The wooden spoon was won by “Gone Cruising” with 43 points, much to the dismay of the “Not So Dimmoes” team, who habitually try their best to finish in last place. However, they were a whole 8 points off the bottom place, and so they may have to change their name again before next year’s quiz.

Many thanks also to ACA member, Mary Sibley, who organised the raffle.

A member of the winning team of “3 Bananas”