Slipway at Snarestone

The slipway at Snarestone on the Ashby CanalA slipway and visitor moorings are available at Snarestone, beyond bridge 61A. To arrange use of the slipway, or for general enquiries re visitor moorings, contact: 

Michael Wooding  – mobile 07805 602618



Fees and conditions: 2019

Slipway: Launching/Recovery:  £25    (covers in and out)

Launch only, or recover only :  £15

(Reduced rate for small dinghies and canoes, etc. launch and recover £5)

50% discount on above rates for ACA members

Car and Trailer parking

(subject to availability of space – no parking on grassed area)
Cars £10 per week
Trailers £10 per week
Maximum period in each case – four weeks

Concessionary arrangement for ACA members
First seven days free

Visitor moorings beyond bridge 61A

First 48 hours – free
Thereafter £10 per night

Concessions for ACA and AWCC Club members
First 48 hours free
Then next five nights free ( i.e. 7 nights in total) then £10 per night

The Association disclaims liability for loss or damage to boats, cars, contents thereof, and trailers whilst on the site. Users of these facilities must complete the appropriate form (available at the ACA sales shop) with contact details, etc.