The ACA is Looking to Purchase a Work Boat

The ACA are close to purchasing a work boat for use on the Ashby Canal. It will be moored at Snarestone Wharf. The boat could be used to carry out maintenance work, in particular on the offside, between the present terminus and Marston Junction.  It could also serve as a base for volunteers working elsewhere on the Ashby Canal, or for use as a trip boat – carrying up to 12 passengers through Snarestone tunnel to the winding hole north of Shackerstone and back.

The craft, the ACA is considering, is 32 foot long with a back cabin, a fore-end storage locker, shallow draft and relatively low sides. The boat is in need of some fitting out and restoration work, and the ACA already have some volunteers who have the time and expertise to make it ‘canalworthy’.  Indeed,  as is apparent from the photos below, this craft is very similar to those used by The Canal and River Trust.  Once fully restored, it will be fitted out in ACA colours of cream and red. The original name of RAM will be maintained.