Update (22/12/2020) on the Repair of the Breach at Snarestone

(Update 22/12/2020)  A temporary bund (see photo below) has been made opposite the pump house in order to allow the boats at the wharf to float,  However, the stop planks opposite the shop are still in place. They need to be removed by Land & Water, whose staff have now begun their Christmas break. They will therefore not be removed until January, which means that there can be no boat movements in or out of the wharf for the time being.


(Update 19/12/2020) Our on-site caretaker at Snarestone Wharf,  Michael Wooding, has been monitoring developments concerning the breach since the outset, and has given us the following update:

The temporary bund is all but completed, final sealing with puddle-clay
will take place on Monday morning 21st December. The level in the shortened extension is
now about 15 inches off  the normal level, due to leakage through the stop
planks. The planks will be removed on Monday to allow
those trapped boats wishing to move out to do so, and then the planks
will be reinstated into the second set of slots on the extension side of
the swing bridge. This will be as a stop-gap measure in case the
temporary bund should fail.

Land & Water will also be on site to launch their dredger and pontoons,
in order to continue the dredging between bridge 61 and the tunnel and
also, although yet to be ratified by LCC, the required dredging in the
Reserve. Because Eurovia do not currently have suitable equipment on
site, it is anticipated that Land & Water will be facilitating the
actual removal and refitting of the planks.

Regarding the repair to the breach, the latest word from Barry
Watson-Evans, LCC’s engineer, is that the repair method has been pretty
much agreed with CRT and is now in the hands on the LCC Financial
Department for the approval of the required funds. CRT are pressing the
matter as urgent, as is Barry, so we are hoping for a commencement of
works early in the New Year. Eurovia’s plant, etc. currently on site
will be removed early next week and the site cleaned up as much as is
practically possible.