Work Party on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 -CANCELLED

Because the ground at Snarestone Wharf is still sodden on Tuesday 22nd December, and with a forecast of heavy rain for the following day, the ACA has reluctantly had to cancel this work party for the time being.
We are currently making some site improvements down at Snarestone Wharf. One of these improvements is laying slabs along the formerly grassy area around the shop as this tends to get very waterlogged and muddy which is not only an eyesore but also somewhat of a safety concern as it creates a very slippery area very close to the canal.
We have prepared the area for laying the slabs but due to the number and weight that we need to move it is not something easily done without some assistance and therefore I am writing to you all to request some help.
We are looking for a few volunteers to attend the site at Snarestone Wharf this coming Wednesday morning (23rd December) to assist with this. We are aware this is very close to Christmas and many of you will likely have a busy week ahead but if any of you could find just a few hours of your time to help us get this done it would be very much appreciated. We wish to make this area safe ASAP and before Christmas.
If you are interested and will be free please email Arran Jenkins on or Anne-Marie Eccles on as soon as you can and we will give you further details and to those of you not able to attend we hope to see you soon and wish you a very merry Christmas and a much better 2021!